Creating value through branding, we started from the professional values of this international group of consultants who work in the ecological and environmental transformation industry. The project has been very stimulating for us from start to finish.

For this study, we didn’t chose most sustainable path for a brand, but instead we gave a corporate dress to those who do with formal rigor and a modern style. From the logo and the declination of the brand for press and web communications to a complete brand identity manual to help them stay within their new stylistic language.

Primary Color: Deep Blue
CMYK C100 M070 Y047 K056 • Pantone 2965C • RGB RGB R000 G038 B062 • HEX #00263E

Primary Color: Shocking Yellow
CMYK C003 M027 Y096 K000 • Pantone 7408C • RGB R247 G190 B000 • HEX #F7BE00

Secondary Color: Storm Grey
CMYK C055 M032 Y031 K010 • Pantone 3526C • RGB R122 G147 B156 • HEX #7A929C