F.lli Lorenzi (Lorenzi Brothers) is an artisan, familial institution that has been nestled in the heart of Milan for more than 50 years. To celebrate this important milestone, Periskop came to us to design a special edition booklet. The booklet highlights the history while showcasing some of the more timeless quality pieces that the shop offers.

The editorial project was crafted in a “Taylor Made” fashion to create a conceptual map of the history of the family up to the present day where they continue to create unique pieces. We wanted to create a contrast between modern and an elegant vintage style. We achieved this through a clean and technical photoshoot of the modern day products, printed on high quality gloss paper. This photo paper is sprinkled in between the historical roadmap on a natural cream paper. This contrast underlines how the tradition of this institution stays in touch with modern technology and crafting techniques.