The Lignum Vitis Brand is almost a decade old. This wine’s label is one of the first labels printed on real wood. The brand was originally etched directly onto the thinly sliced and laser cut wood for the first prototypes, realized in collaboration with the Politechnico di Milano Lab.

This label and brand design was requisitioned in honor of two important dates. The first being the 30 year anniversary of Enoitalia. The second was the historical moment when the gravitational waves (Onde GRavitazionali) were discovered by the Virgo project, a collaboration between Italy and the American Observatory.

The biggest challenge of this design was the technical research that went behind the realization of the first. The balance between the wood being too thin and breaking or too thick and detaching from the bottle was a huge technical crutch. Today, labeling papers crafted out of thinly sliced wood are offered in many different shades and easily adapted for many kinds of label designs.