This project was created to celebrate Milan. F205 premium gin (Milano) declares its origin by the use of the first 4 digits of the identification number of people born in Milan. It promotes the quality of Juniper and the “Ieratico” flower, a flower almost exclusively found in Milan, used in the aromatization of the gin.

We crafted a minimal graphic style to represent exclusiveness. This style is applied to every aspect on and surrounding the product. The squared off glass, reminiscent of a classic perfume bottle shape, provides a large flat surface perfect for screen printing. We took advantage of this by printing a map of Milan with the roads highlighted in silver and parks in a typical dark green, inspired by the drinking fountains found spread throughout the city. The font was inspired by Italian ID cards from the 1970’s.

F205 Premium Gin (Milano) wasn’t accompanied by a brand guide so much as a strong photographic art direction inspired by the streets of Milan. In this way, we assured an exclusive and original brand.