We created the visual language for the Duca di Salaparuta wine ranges over the course of four years. These prestigious wines of varied degrees are united by one unique banner inspired logo. We completed the four distinct ranges of wines from varied markets and budgets with a declination of the brand identity and guide to use for communication, packaging and point of sales projects.

The red banner logo is the focal point of the Tenute (estates) range of wines. Each individual estate has its own graphic illustration representing the three unique landscapes of the Duca di Salaparuta estates: Risignolo, Suor Marchesa, and Vajasindi. The bright red was chosen for its strong eye-catching effect to make the logo pop out of the muted or black backgrounds. We even selected the bottle form to highlight the prestigious positioning of this wine range even more. 

We applied the banner logo in a delicate gold foil for the Suòlo range of wines. This range is defined by a unique selection of the best grapes from the estates. Each vintage has a limited and superior production. We differentiated each individual number of this range with a freehand depiction of grape vines in black ink on white cotton for a minimalistic finish.

A delicate embossed outline of the banner logo was applied to the Calanìca range of wines. We selected different micro details from the nature that surrounds the estates from the foot of Etna to the turquoise Mediterranean seas of Sicily. We were inspired by the colorful details of nature to create unique textures both visually and to the touch with a complex embossing. As the finishing touch, we selected the little sister bottle of the tall and elegant bottles of the Tenute range for Calanìca’s more accessible range of wines.

Finally, we applied the three colorfully laminated banner logos for the Duca di Salaparuta Spumante range “Duca Brut”. This range is simply dedicated to a younger market, simple, light and fun.