The C.A.M.P. logo redesign was developed to represent a brand that has always had a vertical journey at its heart. It is a brand that is structured with the precision of engineering, that guarantees the maximum level of technical expertise to keep you safe both during an outing in the mountains and during the most vertical jobs. The restyling of this brand was organized and facilitated by Periskop, a strategic marketing and communication company.

C.A.M.P. was founded in Premana, Italy, in 1889 where it still holds its headquarters, surrounded by the awe inspiring Italian Alps. This is where we got our inspiration for the new logo, a visual representation of their roots. The minimal yet meticulously structured logo design is focused around the “v” shaped mountains that overlook Premana. We distinguished the two divisions of C.A.M.P., work and outdoor, by the use of two primary colors: blue and red. Whereas, a neutral black is applied when displaying the overall brand.

This is accompanied by an extensive brand guide outlying the use of the brand in all of its aspects. Furthermore, we created a graphic guideline to represent the brand on their launch campaign and on social media.